Sunday, February 23, 2014

Joyful Expression!

... in gratitude...

 There is nothing quite so special 
as making my living by walking across 
the garden, from home to studio, 
where I engage in the act of fulfilling one of my greatest passions, that of sharing the Art of Joyful Expression! 

I am greeted daily by the delightful energy of many young personalities, unique individuals each bringing with them a fresh opportunity for me to grow in my role as a teacher, as well as a fellow being.   

Working with all ages, 
and often faced with a variety of spontaneous situations, 
I love the way my teaching experiences 
challenge me to be creative, and keep me
flexible and open to the flow of the moment. 

Music shared, created and appreciated 
with children fills my soul & makes my heart sing!  

What could be sweeter?!

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